No ear lids

Julian Treasure’s vision is to make the world sound beautiful, by helping individuals to make and receive sound consciously, and companies to discover that good sound is good business. Through his research as a business sound expert, Treasure talks through how to make the most of the sound we hear on the daily basis. As stated in the video below, “ears are made not for hearing but listening.” So much of what we hear on a daily basis is noise. This noise reduces the health and quality of life to 25% of the population of Europe.

“Your ears are always on. You have no ear-lids.” 

And in today’s society, the noise is coming through a pair of headphones, which is causing three adverse effects on the individual:

  1. Schizophonia (a sound is presented that doesn’t match a physical, present representation. Therefore, what you see and what you hear are different)
  2. Compression (squash music to fit into our pocket-can cause people to be tired and irritable because you are forced to fill in the missing pieces)
  3. Deafness due to noise induced hearing disorder (1 in 6 of american teenagers currently have this) A recent study showed that 61% of college freshmen had damaged hearing!

Are we raising a generation of deaf people?

Here are some simple ways to help with the headphone issue:

  1. Get professional hearing protectors for loud environments (bars, clubs, concerts, tractor pulls, whatever)
  2. Purchase a good quality of headphones so they do not require very loud sounds
  3. Move away from sound source if it’s too loud.

Take it from Julian Treasure himself:

For more information on Julian Treasure and his sound expertise, visit his website by clicking here.


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