Welcome to the blog that, through education, awareness and advocacy, could change your future. Hearing loss, audiology, and auditory health are all areas of health that the general public may not have knowledge on. Therefore, use the blog as a starting point, as a basis for your knowledge on auditory health, so you can avoid preventable hearing loss and be aware of the field of audiology in case you ever encounter hearing issues.

But first, why Ear Audities? Here is a simple dissection of the blog name:

  • ear: the organ of hearing and balance in humans and other vertebrates
  • audities: a homonym combination that combines the words oddity (an odd characteristic or trait; peculiarity) and audiology (science that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders).

Explore the site for a stream of information of important, critical, public health information. Contact me with questions, comments or ideas.

Image designed by Liz Marler (2017)



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